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Strategic Planning and Reporting


​​​​Annual Director's Report

This annual report (and accompanying supplemental documents) highlight how we are meeting our strategic plan goals, the latest EQAO results, our financial results and some of our notable accomplishments over the past year.  ​

​Board Improvement Plan

Every year, we update our Board Plan for Excellence in Faith formation, Learning and Achievement​. 

Budget and Financial Statements

The past five years of approved budgets and audited financial statements are below. The financial statements have been prepared in accordance with the Financial Administration Act, supplemented by Ontario Ministry of Education memorandum 2004:B2 and Ontario Regulation 395/11 of the Financial Administration Act. 

Capital Planning

We routinely undertake long-term enrolment and capital planning reviews that provide the context for new schools, additions, accommodation reviews, attendance boundary reviews, and related decisions. The Board's Capital Plan is a multi-year planning document, updated yearly, with a focus on a five year planning window that forecasts pupil enrolment and accommodation requirements. The plan guides the Board's provision of appropriate accommodation at system schools to achieve established objectives in a financially responsible manner.
We will also post Information regarding school accommodation reviews (ARC's), attendance boundary reviews (ARAC's), and current facility partnership opportunities​.

Facilities Reports

Below are our most recent documents concerning our Conservation and Demand Management Plan as well as our Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emission Report.

Multi-Year Strategic Plan

Every five years, we revise our Multi-Year Strategic Plan.

Shaping Our Future

In 2014 we launched the Shaping our Future process with the objective to enhance our ability to respond to demographic, political and organizational challenges in an educationally sound and fiscally responsible manner. We engaged our staff, parents, students and broader community by creating various avenues for input; staff meetings, collaborative sites, surveys, and face to face conversations. The result was the Shaping Our Future Report, which captured what we heard as part of the consultation process and identified alternatives and opportunities moving forward.

Special Education Plan

Testing for Lead in Water

In 2007, Ontario’s Ministry of Environment and Climate Change introduced a regulation (243/07) intending to increase protection regarding children’s exposure to lead in water for schools and day nurseries. Click here for an overview of the regulation and our processes: